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Scalp Micropigmentation Vancouver, Scalp Micropigmentation Training Vancouver, scalp treatment Vancouver


Training Dates
Vancouver: January  21,22,23 
Edmonton: June 28,29,30

Are you ready for a new career opportunity?


Scalp Micropigmentation Training Vancouver.

Get Trained by one of the best and fastest-growing Scalp Micropigmentation Vancouver studios. Welcome to SMP Vancouver - Hair Tattoo Inc. 

This will be a 3-day intensive scalp micropigmentation training where I will teach you the ins and outs of the SMP business. My main goal is that by the end of the training you get the right knowledge, learn all about safety measures, and acquire the basic skills to get you started right away!


I love this industry and I am very passionate about it because it has the potential to change people's lives! I know it has definitely changed my life, and I know that with my training and hard work on your part, it could change your life as well.


So be prepared because I will show you how to replicate the same top-notch, life-changing results so your future clients get the greatest benefit of all! Gaining their confidence back.






Our Scalp Micropigmentation Vancouver Training will happen at the SMP Vancouver - Hair Tattoo Inc studio and it will consist of 3 intensive days of in-studio work with two live models. As a bonus, I will also provide a “shadow day”, where you will have the opportunity to see how I conduct a live scalp treatment in Vancouver.

smp potential income

First things first

In order to take my training, the first thing you need to do is complete your Blood Borne Pathogen course online. (You need to bring this certificate for your first day of training).

Please follow this link to complete your Blood Borne Pathogen training:

Class starts at 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and a 30-minute brake.


Introduction to SMP & theory, Skin Anatomy, SMP tools and equipment, work station set up and break down,  3D dotting techniques, learning how to create natural hairlines, density & blending techniques,  colorimetry, practice time on synthetic skin!


Re-cap, learning how to conduct a consultation and answer questions, learning how to prepare clients for SMP, Norwood & Ludwig scale, practice time & live model.


Re-cap, how to price your services, business, marketing, and advertising techniques, scar concealing technique,  more practice! & live model.


Date TBD

Training Options

  • Option One: Three days + SMP kit & equipment + Two models + Shadow day + Certification+ Mentorship= $5,500

  • Option Two: Three days + NO SMP Kit  + Two models + Certification + Mentorship = $3,500

  • Option Three: ( For experienced artists only) Shadow day, which includes at least watching me work on 2 clients for the day: $1,000 

*Shadow day: It means you can watch me work. This has many benefits from seeing how I prep my workstation, do consultations, lay out the impressions on the scalp, draw hairlines, etc.     

* All prices are subject to GST

*SMP kit & and equipment: See below for details.

SMP Kit & Equipment.

  • One Tattoo machine (wireless)

  • One black Pymenta Ink (SMP ink)

  • SMP Needles .08, .06, .04

  • Cord Sleeves

  • One Sharp container

  • One water /alcohol Bottle

  • Skin practice

  • Training Sheets

  • One ruler or measuring tapes

  • One eyeliner

  • One sharpener

  • Cups

  • Ink cups

  • Tongue depressors

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smp training

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