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SMP  Before care

1. MOISTURISE SCALP - (This step only applies for male Baldness Smp). Moisturized twice daily on the days/weeks leading up to your SMP procedure. This helps to soften the skin and the needle will be able to produce cleaner tighter impressions.

2. CUT HAIR NIGHT BEFORE (Only for Male Baldness SMP Procedures) - A clean and healthy scalp with less irritation is achieved by preparing the night before your procedure. I recommend Clippers with no guard. 

3. AVOID ALCOHOL, DRUGS, CAFFEINE, etc.. - These will reduce the blood vessels and can cause a thinning of the blood which can produce more bleeding during your procedure. Bleeding will mix with the pigment diluting the ink.

4. EAT WELL - Eat well on the morning/day of your procedure to give you plenty of energy. lack of energy will see your blood sugars drop and you could feel dizziness and more pain than is necessary.

5. HAIRLINE IDEAS - Have a good and clear idea of the type of hairline you require, of course, this can be discussed in more detail with your Scalp Artist.

SMP After Care

  • 1 to 3 days:  Straight after treatment, keep your scalp dry for 3 Days! That means no water or sweating, avoid saunas and swimming. and working out You could wear a hat as long as it's clean and comfortable to not irritate the skin. NO cutting or shaving hair.  

  • 4 to 10 days: You might begin washing your scalp with warm water and soap, you could also start moisturizing. AVOID any strong chemicals from shampoos or soaps, only use natural ones. If you have excessively oily skin or sweat you might take a paper towel damp it with water and gently clean it. You can start cutting your hair with clippers again but be gentle. 

  • 10 days forward: Resume life as normal. Try to use sunscreen, or avoid direct sun on the scalp, as well as try to avoid as much as possible swimming in a pool as it contains too many chemicals and this could accelerate the fading process. You can cut your hair as normal and keep it moisturizing daily.

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